Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Persistence and Frustration.

First the persistence. We glassed the deck, then put Four inch biaxial tape over the shear line which will hopefully keep everything together if we get a "love tap" from another boat.

We are in fairing and filling mode. My back aches from the long board. It seems we have forever to go. Sanding and filling, sanding and filling. My eyes just water epoxy and my cup of tea tastes like fibreglass dust, yeccchh.

Anyway, there is sort of an outline of a boat shaped object under there somewhere.

I think the Luca Brenta style lip on the cabin top looks good, should maybe help keep water out, and be a good base for some cleats.

Now the frustration.. Delicate readers may want to shut their ears here.... C-Tech very kindly shipped our mast last Friday, right on time and when they said they would. It is now Thursday and we are still waiting for those idiots at DHL to deliver. They managed to split the Two packages and send them to different locations.

Then they tried to hide their incompetence by spouting gibberish down the phone line. Just for the record, there has not been a thing called an "import licence" for general goods into Australia since about 1968, and in any case we have a free trade agreement with New Zealand. "Delayed by Customs" sounds good until we tell them that we have already paid GST and in any case checked with Customs ourselves. "Delayed by Quarantine Inspection' was a nice try until I tell them that there is no bug on this planet that eats or makes a burrow in Carbon Fibre.

We are still waiting. On reflection it would have been cheaper if I had hopped a plane to Auckland and picked the pieces up direct from C-Tech, then flown back. It's only a Four hour trip costing less than what DHL charged C-Tech for freight, and I might well have not to have paid GST of $500 as well. Plus I could have bought a bottle of duty free Whisky for Alex at C-Tech and another one for me on the way back!


  1. looking good guys. hopefully we will get to race each other once your on the water. how big will your chute be? i remember in a previous post you were saying your kite was pretty big. lokking great guys and stoked to see another i550 hitting the water in aus!

  2. Your progress continues to be impressive. Putting the biax on the sheer now seems like a good idea too. I did a similar thing but put it on after I glassed the hull instead of while I was glassing the deck. That meant it had to be faired in again on the deck side and messed up my rounded gunwale a little bit. Sorry about DHL being dorks, but it will get sorted out. We had to pay 38 US dollars in processing fees to clear our duty free spars through customs when they came into the US.