Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finished The Cradle..

We finished the cradle this morning, lining everything up with the laser and levels and we have (hopefully) got everything square, flat, parallel and vertical. The trouble is that even a one sixteenth "bump" sort of stands out.

We laminated our girst long panel today. We were going to do all three, but chickened out, worrying about epoxy setting times. The temperature is around 10 Centigrade and we were using Fast hardener...which was still a little "fast". We will look at our panel tomorrow, and if its AOK we will do the other Two.


  1. Looks really good! Because I didn't have a really flat floor my cradle only goes from frame 53 to 169. I had to use a jack for the transom until it got stitched. You'll be really happy with your setup.

    One idea for you, you might want to add a strip of 6mm ply a couple of inches wide on top of your supports. I found that the pressure of me working in the hull at the cradle support points tweaked the hull a bit. And my supports were 2x4's.

    Cheers, Kevin.