Monday, June 8, 2009

Tools...We gots it.

Well, we finally started. We found some tools in the back of the shed that looked sort of useful...

.......and some wood that sort of looked nautical that nobody wanted.

So we got started. A good friend had some free space in the back of his high security warehouse, so we taped a tarp to the floor to catch the epoxy drips and set up shop.

Our first priority is a building cradle made out of 2 X 4 and bracing ply held together with Tec screws and liquid nails. The supports under each frame are being cut out of bracing ply to the measurements from the .pdf's and offsets Tim emailed us.

We are lucky to have a perfectly level concrete floor. The handy little Black and Decker laser gizmo helped us set up our centreline.

We will put up a post for Frame 00 to attach to and line up each cradle support with the laser.

We will finish the cradle and join up the sheets for bottoms and sides, then start cutting the frames while we wait for the plans....

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