Monday, July 6, 2009

Frames Going In..

After what seems like forever measuring that everything is flat, square, parallel, vertical, horizontal, aligned, collimated and centred, we glassed in frame 110. Then we followed today by tabbing in Frame 124 and 169.5. We knew we had 110 in OK, so we used the keel case sides as a spacer and poked and prodded until we think we got 124 right. In the picture below you can see the strap we used to get about half an inch inside the class rules maximum beam measurement.

After that we tabbed in 169.5. Now when we measured the hull using the Beckwith string system, we discovered that the Starboard side at 169.5 was about half an inch out from where it should be, most probably (fingers crossed) because of a warp in the ply or finger trouble by me.

So what we have done is glassed in the Port side and Three quarters of the bottom and its our hope that the big gap visible in the photo will close right up (fingers crossed) when we apply a little muscle and a strap.

We are getting close to ordering the rig which is most probably going to be a Two spreader Carbon layout.

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