Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stringers And $$$

We decided to put Two stringers towards the stern, and I needed wood for those and various cleats etc., so I set off in search of some clear Oregon....only to find none, nil, nada, zip, with the exception of some awefulold stuff. Finally I went to Lewis &Co who have been selling Oregon since 1905.

They told me that American Oregon is virtually no longer available because the logging coups were closed to protect the Spotted Owl and Bald Eagle. Canadian Oregon is supplying the European and American markets, but no one is carrying much here. I found some 30mm X 30mm. Twelve metres of it cost me $160.00. I mean, we used to burn offcuts of this stuff as kindling!! Well, so be it. I hope the Owls and Eagles are happy.

We cut out frame 89 on Thursday. We left a reinforcing bar across the middle of it which we will cut out later after everything is set up and glued. Friday we glued it in and left it all weekend to set. Monday I made up the Six stringers.

I filleted and glassed in the Two front ones, then glassed in the right side of frame 169.5. The hull should now be symmetrical. That was enough for one day. stooping in the boat glassing in stringers requires contortions.

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