Monday, June 15, 2009

Bottom And Sides Cut And Joined

Last Friday we glued up the Two side panels and also cut out the bottom. Yesterday we cut the centre seam out of the bottom panel and stitched it up. It seems a little odd, my cuts were a little rough and I think I may need to do a little remedial work with the Fein Multimaster. I had been thinking of buying one for years and this project is the perfect excuse!

We also cut out the Two side panels. I almost made the fatal mistake of cutting Two Port sides! Wobble realised in time and we put the uncut one face to face with the other and traced around it. We cleaned them up with a plane as best we can.

This morning we got out the cable ties - an electrician friend tells me black ones are stronger than clear. We gingerly started tying the Starboard side to the bottom.... What do you know? It just sort of sits there..

We stitched on the other to make a boat shaped object.

We have cut and laminated the transom, but just stuck one part in to see...

I'm going to follow Kmac's advice from the forum about build order. I've screwed the aft end of the bottom to our building frame and I'm thinking I'll do the same at the bow when I work out exactly where it goes and also screw down further back to try and keep the ply bent as it should be. Then I do the bow and stem.

Once we have everything lined up I become Wobbles helper while we tab the hull together as he is the fibreglass king.

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  1. It's looking great so far!!! It's pretty wild to see that "boat shaped thing" sitting there isn't it.

    I personally use the heck out of my dremel tool. You'd be amazed at how nice a bad fillet looks after hitting it with the little drum sander. And the thin cutoff blades work great too. I have to admit that the Fein multimaster looks even cooler.

    Keep up the good work.